Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Town Achievement Award 2011

The Town Achievement Award was presented at Tuesday’s meeting of Bradford on Avon Town Council to Val Payne. The Mayor, Councillor Peter Leach presenting the award and certificate thanked Val for her contribution to a variety of organisations.

Val was nominated by Councillors as one of the unsung heroes who helped to make Bradford on Avon a great place to live. Cllr Landell Mills stated ‘ Val is always cheerful, always calm, always helpful and is a volunteer par excellence’. Formerly a teacher at Fitzmaurice School, Val is known to generations of young Bradfordians. Now she is to be found as a regular helper with the group of conservation volunteers clearing the Country Park, keeping the team going with her famous lemon drizzle and chocolate cakes. On Thursdays she helps with the Thursday Club where a group of elderly residents meet for lunch, conversation and various activities – a lifeline for those who cannot get out very much. Every Monday, she looks after the newborn babies of the young mums who come to the Post-Natal Group – essential support at a crucial time. Val also helps with the Saxon Group and in addition she is a Deputy Church Warden at Holy Trinity.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Olympic Torch will pass through Bradford on Avon

The Olympic Torch will be carried by runners through Bradford on Avon on May 22nd 2012. 

The annual Sports Festival achieved the Olympic Inspire Status which helped to put us on the route.

For more details of the route, please click here


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