Tuesday, 7 October 2014

What are your views on Graffiti in the Town?

The Town Council wants to tackle the problem of graffiti in the Town and is setting up a Task Force Group of volunteers to remove it.  Would you be interested in joining to keep the Town looking at its best?

Materials and training will be provided to all volunteers and please note only a small amount of your time will be required.

If you feel you can spare a small amount of time to help tackle this problem please email valbaker@bradfordonavontowncouncil.gov.uk


  1. Surely we are not going to just keep cleaning up the graffiti and ignore the reason why it's happening? Bored teenagers! The 'materials and training' available should be offered to support volunteers who wish to work with young people to help them express themselves creatively and find their talent (art, music, sport drama clubs, eg), instead of just cleaning up the graffiti. Much more rewarding for the volunteers, and a great way of engaging with our young people. Let's be more creative and long term in our approach.

    1. Dear Kerri, Thank you for your comment. Bradford on Avon Area Board currently delivers Youth Services and run a very successful programme which is supported by the Town Council. Unfortunately the recent graffiti came from outsiders and residents have shown a keen interest in removing it hence the reason for this Task Force Group. . The Town Council is always happy to hear of new ideas that can benefit the Town and if you could would like to put this forward please email me at emmawindsor@bradfordonavontowncouncil.gov.uk Regards Emma

    2. It's not an either/or! We do both.

  2. It's not an eiither/or! We do both.



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